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Brazilian Bikini waxing in Hong Kong

Whether it be spending hours laboring at the gym, enduring agonizing nights in stilettos, or getting a boob job, women have always found new ways to suffer in the name of beauty. Ever since the gals from Sex and the City decreed that pubes were passé, a new form of beauty torture was popularized- The Brazilian Bikini wax. Now women everywhere have to suffer the pain and humiliation of froggy-styling it for some anonymous aesthetician in rubber gloves.
Waxing the nether regions actually began in the Middle-East and the Mediterranean, not in Brazil. Women in countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and Persia have been waxing for centuries using sugar-based waxes with lemon. This was done mainly for hygiene or religion. People associate this extensive form of waxing with Brazil because of the skimpy string bikinis that Brazilians wear on the beach. In order to pull off the look of the tanga bikinis you have to be bare ‘down there’.
So what really happens during a Brazilian bikini wax? Sometimes, you’ll be offered a paper g-string to protect your modesty, sometimes you just go completely au naturel. Then talcum powder or oil will be spread liberally on the area to be waxed to prevent the wax from sticking to the skin. These days, alot of salons use wax that doesn’t require cloth strips to be removed, but there are still some waxers who think that hair removal with cloth strips is the best method. In either case, warm wax will be spread on a small region, the aesthetician will either wait till the wax hardens, or apply the cloth strip to the wax, then she’ll pull away the wax as quickly as possible in the opposite direction of hair growth. Sometimes you’ll be asked to help out by holding parts of your skin taut while the beautician is pulling the wax. Sometimes the waxer will also ask you to get into yogic-like positions in order to make the hair more accessible.
Most people prefer to leave a tuft of trimmed hair above the labia. This hair can be fashioned into different shapes like hearts and arrows, but most people just go for a small ‘landing strip’ The beautician will wax the lower labia as well as the perineum region and anus if necessary. Some waxers will tweeze the stray hairs that are left over.
The Brazilian wax experience varies from salon to salon. Some waxers take an excruciatingly long time. This is usually because they are inexperienced and afraid to hurt the client. Some clients, however, prefer to have the waxer take their time. Experienced waxers will approach the procedure in a clinical sense, much in the same way a doctor has no shame examining a naked person. Excellent waxers may crack jokes to help a client relax and some may even be able to complete the the feat in less than 10 minutes!
Does the procedure hurt? Judging by the screams heard from some waxing rooms around town, we’d say YES, it definitely hurts. Deep breathing helps calm you down as well as having an idle chat with the beautician while she’s doing it. Waxing may also hurt more
just before “that time of the month”. The more you wax, the more you become desensitized to the pain, as well as to the embarrassment.
Apres wax expect a bit of redness. Ingrown hairs, which are cause by dead skin cells clogging the follicle, can be a problem during regrowth. Waxers recommend that you take a loofah or an exfoliating scrub and scrub the dead skin cells off while taking a warm shower. Some waxers may even try to squeeze the ingrowns out for you!

So Barbara Bush, now that you’re armed with the facts, isn’t it time to know what it feels like to be baby smooth?
Trust us, your man will love it!

Here are a few recommendations from several sources around town:

- Rozali Wax Factory
38-44 D' Aguilar Street,
14/F Ho Lee Commercial Building
Lan Kwai Fong, Central Hong Kong
(Entrance next to Insomnia)
Tel: 98350284

-Betty at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Spa
5 Connaught Road
2825 4800

-Nikki at Sense of Touch
LG/F, 2 Arbuthnot Road (below Cafe O, upstairs from Dragon-i), Central

-Kala at Sense of Touch
83A Hollywood Road (cnr Aberdeen St), Central

-Spa Beauty Par Zai
Suite 901, Queen's Place,
74 Queen's Road Central
2524 1272 or 9364 5271

-Dolma at The Firm Salon
15th/Flr. Centrium Building
60 Wyndham Street, Central
25256696 or 63484452

-Beauty Wave
Room 201, 2/F Eurobank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street, Central, Hong Kong
2511 6821

-Lucy Waxing
High Street- Lucy's home

-Unique Beauty

Queens Road 2521 0792

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